Combined, our team

have more than 20 years of knowledge and know-how from different areas of business and the gaming industry as a whole.We truly understand the mechanics of gaming and the gamer culture and we know how to run a successful company. We utilize that knowledge into good use, to create the growth and value that is one of the fundamental ground pillars of every hugely successful company.

Daniel Sundbeck

CEO, Chairman and founder

I have background as an entrepreneur, and past experiences from the sales, marketing industry and from the financial and banking industry. I’ve studied at the Copenhagen Business School and then after working a few years in sales in my early twenties, started my own marketing and sales company.I’m a very driven and goal oriented person and my personal interests is skiing downhill, running, reading books, world economics and of course gaming.

I have been gaming on the sideline my whole life. When i was about 8 years old, I received my first computer, which was a commodore 128. I used to play with my mom and my elder brother Olympic winter and summer games and Sid Mayer’s Pirates for hours at the time on that thing!

In the past I played lots of games; from most of the Dice’s Battlefield series, to games such as: Call of duty series, Unreal tournament,civilization, counter-strike star wars, The return to castle Wolfenstein, half-life and many many more! I’ve been running clan’s and communities and through that also gained a lot of knowledge and learned about the social power of gaming.

Gaming is a very powerful medium that connects and unites people all over the world, without any considerations to the aspects of race, color, culture, nationality etc. In fact it doesn’t matter at all as people don’t spend time on these petty small little things. Gamers connect to have fun times and meet new friends across the borders.

People from all over the world connect and magic just happens! That is why I am so very passionate and excited about this, because in someways gaming is changing the world as we know it. Everyone is connected in someway to each other today. With just a mouse click away, we make the world smaller and connected.

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