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The important stuff that really matters.

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The important stuff that really matters.

We believe in the “good old honest values” and conduct our business thereafter.

We think that it is crucial that the people and businesses that we interact with on a daily basis can trust us. Integrity and honesty is key for us; it is the DNA of our business, it is our gold standard that guides our thinking, determines our behavior. To act ethically is our code of conduct which enables us to do business professionally in manner in which we self would like to be treated.

The Company cares about our people, customers, shareholders, shareowners and business partners. Tenno Networks Ltd is committed to act with compassion, to listen with respect to others and to value differences. The Company is also committed to enhance the communities where people live and work, and to be compliant with government laws and regulations.

Never give up
We will never give up on our employees, our visions, our customers, end-users. We will always seek to find solutions to the potential setbacks and issues that might come in our way. We encourage our employees to have an positive open-minded “can-do” mindset where we always will find a way to win over the challenges that will come our way. Losing and giving up is is not our vocabulary.

We are fully committed to high standards
and to achieving financial success for our end-users, clients, our teams and ourselves.We strongly believe in that honesty, respect and trust is a very vital components for creating sound healthy long term relationships and we expect to be treated in the same manner by any counterparty.

We promote opportunity. We are committed to helping each other achieve our potential in order to build a better future for the employees, customers, clients, shareholders and the communities we serve.

We act responsibly. We are aware that our decisions and actions affect people’s lives every day. We hold ourselves accountable for the disciplined management of risk and for doing the right thing.

Socially evolving
We are in the business of people and we want to empower people worldwide to be able to communicate and connect in the best and the most straightforward ways through the power of social media platforms that we create. We will always find new ways to evolve socially in the benefits of our users and society as a whole.

We embrace the power of our people. We value our differences, understanding that diversity and inclusion are good for business and make our company stronger. People are the heart of our business. We are professional, high performing team players focused on delivering and drawing on our global expertise. We aim to attract, develop and retain the best people, treating each other with honesty, compassion and respect. We create a stimulating and open work culture that promotes personal development and work/life balance, rewards competitively and celebrates success.

We put a lot of emphasis on creativity, innovation and are always seeking for new powerful ways to improve ourselves as a business. The driving force behind every successful company is its capability to reinvent itself and adjust through the changes in the global and local markets that are always changing. To be capable of identifying new opportunities is crucial skill set as this secures the future profits and stability of the company. We must learn and adapt through these business cycles and newer stop learning. As such, we also strongly encourage our employees to be playful, learn new skills through education and come with suggestions and new ideas that enhance the long time performance of the company.

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