Our focal point of business:

“Companies have too many experts who block innovation. True innovation really comes from perpendicular thinking”

Our focus is to assist gamers around the world to have the best means of connecting with their friends, family and gaming buddies through the power of the social media platforms that we , develop, run and maintain.

Our objective is to is to generate the highest possible return through the professional, active and responsible exercise of its ownership. Our aim is to grow the cash flow available for investments and distribution to shareholders and shareowners.

Our operations extend to develop new strong exclusive brands, with mainly the gaming sector. Our endeavor is to build and mange strong company brands that are market leaders within their respective sector.

Value creation We always seek to create the uppermost value for shareholders, shareowners, customers,partners, end-users and employees.

Financial Responsibility We expect to receive fair reward for our business performance. We are cost aware and carefully manage our own costs. We manage financial risk systematically and communicate our financial performance in a clear, concise manner.

Being Profitable We shall always manage our business in the most profitable way to deliver the highest net return to our shareholders and shareowners. By doing so we will secure a sustainable future for our employees, partners, end-users and our clients.

Relationships Our business depends on healthy relationships with customers, business partners, end-users and suppliers. We build and nurture strong relationships that are mutually beneficial, making sure that we deeply understand the people we deal with, so that we can anticipate their needs and always aim to exceed their expectations. Everyone in our organisation contributes to the quality of the relationships we build and we actively seek.

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